Thursday, July 11, 2019

Polished M-series Handwheels

After seven years of producing our M-series handwheels we've finally nailed down a process that allows us to offer these with nearly the same finish as the piano maker's vises from the H.O. Studley ensemble. It was those original vises that inspired our M-series handwheels.

The wheels on the Studley bench are nickel plated iron. Our's are not plated, but simply taken to a level of refinement through various processes that achieve the same look as a plated wheel. Many of our customers and fellow tradesmen are astonished that we can produce this level of finish on gray iron. It's an expensive and time consuming process. But we're particularly pleased that we're able to offer this new level of refinement without a price increase.

We realize that a polished look may not be everyone's cup of tea. So because these wheels are finished in the raw, that is, no coating or plating is applied, one can easily achieve a satin look, like our M-series wheels have always featured, by simply rubbing the surface with a fine Scotch-brite pad. We recommend maroon or light gray.  To test the look, experiment on the back of the wheel before committing to the entire wheel. To achieve the satin look, apply the pad to the surface after the vise is installed and while spinning the wheel against the pad for a concentric scratch pattern. The spokes can be done with the wheel stationary.

All M-series wheels will be delivered polished. This allows the end user the choice of two finishes.

The new polished M-series handwheels are shipping with all current orders.
Original M-series at left. New M-series at right.
Original M-series at left. New M-series at right.