Thursday, September 24, 2009

See us in Philadelphia October 2-4

October 2-4 we will be exhibiting our products at the Woodworking in America Hand Tools Conference at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, PA.

Here's what we have lined up for the show.

Benchcrafted Vises

See both the new Glide leg vise and our popular Tail (wagon) vise. We'll have vises on display (out on tables) so you can see just how robustly and precisely they are built. We'll have 6 vises (3 Glides and 3 Tail Vises) in different benches to try out. We'll also have an assortment of the finest hand tools for you to try the vises with from fettled vintage Stanley planes to Lie-Nielsen Bedrocks, as well as infill planes from Brese Plane. We'll also have a couple high-end hand saws to try our vises with. You can practice cutting dovetails with the Tail Vise, or try your hand at cutting tenon cheeks with a Bad Axe Toolworks tenon saw and our Glide Leg Vise.

The Benchcrafted Skraper

Our newest tool is the Skraper. It's a multipurpose scraping tool that shines for all sorts of miscellaneous shop tasks. Scroll down for a previous blog post about the Skraper. Recently, Popular Woodworking Magazine editor Megan Fitzpatrick had some good things to say about her Skraper she picked up at WIA in Chicago last month. Take a look at Megans' comments at the Popular Woodworking Blog. We'll be offering online ordering soon, but for now the Skraper
is available only at WIA.

8' Ash Roubo bench outfitted with Benchcrafted Glides and Tail Vise.

I'll be bringing the Ash Roubo bench I built last year. This is the bench that I used to prototype our vises, and which currently features both vises. I've also added a sliding deadman to the bench which I'll be bringing along. The bench will be outfitted with an assortment of hand tools so you can test drive the vises and bench. Additionally, I've added a Glide Leg Vise to the right rear leg of this bench for the show. The entire vise will be for sale at the show. This will include not only the Glide hardware, but also all the wood components-a massive 9" wide, 2-3/4" thick ash chop along with quartersawn white oak parallel guide drawbored to the chop, roller guide brackets also in ash, and ash-handled steel adustment pin. It would make an ideal vise suite along with our Tail Vise for those looking to build a bench in the near future.


As usual we'll be bringing along a variety of our Mag-Blok knife and tool holders in various species and sizes. These are the best racks for storing chisels, edge tools, and especially kitchen knives. They also make a great inexpensive gift. Christmas is just around the corner, and any foodie in your circle of friends and family would love one of these. They are also great for storing files and rasps. We're bringing along a special bench accessory for the Mag-Blok that we're pretty excited about. It's a trestle-style mount for an 18" Mag-Blok. It allows you to place a Mag-Blok right on your bench for storing tools off the surface, but at the ready. Its massive base allows it to stay put without it being attached to the bench, which also allows it to be moved around quickly when needed. We got this idea from our good friends at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, where we saw a similar holder on their bench (holding a series of their floats) at the last WIA in Chicago. Lie-Nielsen is a Mag-Blok retailer and they use Mag-Bloks regularly at the showroom and factory.

Bench Plans for the Benchcrafted Split-Top Roubo

Unfortunately, we won't have the actual plans ready for WIA. But we will have a poster on display advertising the plans, along with a form where you can be added to our mailing list to be notified when the plans are ready. The plans are in fact virtually complete, we just didn't get a chance to present them in a proper format in time for WIA. The good news is, these plans are being drawn up by Louis Bois, a professional draftsman who does work for Woodworking Magazine and Lost Art Press. So those of you familiar with the bench designs of Christopher Schwarz will recognize Louis' work in our plans. The complete plans will also include a 3d rendering of the bench, including vises, that you can rotate and disassemble on your computer screen. It's the next best thing to seeing our vises in person since you can see just exactly how they mount to the bench. We also have some extras in store on the DVD. Also, keep an eye out at our booth for a prototype of our new knockdown bench hardware.


We had plenty of opportunities to come up with witty phrases for our T-Shirts, but in the end we decided to keep it simple. We figured nobody outside the woodworking world would get it anyway, and it's not very clever if you have to explain your T-shirt to a passerby! Stop by the booth and check out our new "Effortless Workholding" T-Shirts. You pay us for the T-shirt, you get cheap clothing with a cool logo that looks like Space Invaders and we get free advertising. What's not to love?

See you in Valley Forge.

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