Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event: Indianapolis

Angie and Alex
(back turned) of Lie-Nielsen setting up.

Well, as usual we had a great time last weekend at the Indianapolis Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event. We're always happy to meet new people. But were mostly grateful to the L-N team for hosting these events. These are real grass roots type shows with no pressure but lots of potential for learning and talking woodworking and tools.

Every show we've been to has been a positive experience and we look forward to many years of doing these if possible.
The turn out at this show wasn't as large as some we've been to but then again Indianapolis was the smallest metro area by a long shot we've attended. That doesn't mean it wasn't as much fun or as beneficial as the others though.

Crowded house.

Andrew Lunn of Eccentric Toolworks. He's telling this potential customer how he likes to be called Andy but no one will listen.

Thin crosscut competition. Chris Schwarz, Megan Fitzpatrick, Andy Lunn, Joshua VanderPlaats, John Hoffman & John Abraham.

Kevin Glen-Drake of Glen-Drake Toolworks.


  1. I feel for Mr. Lunn.

    I keep telling everyone how I would like to be called "Chrissy," but no one will listen.

    All the best,


  2. We'll be glad to come up with a feminized name for you, Chris. I have a particular one in mind. ;-)

  3. Jameel and Fr. John,

    Now you guys have really done it. You went and altered my picture to make me look fat! You're through! You hear me?! You're through!



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