Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chicago Next Week

April 9 and 10 the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Hand Tool Event happens again at Jeff Miller's shop in Chicago. Pertinent details here.

If you've never been to a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event you should try hard to make it to this one if you're within reasonable driving distance. Here's why.

Ever wanted to visit Lie-Nielsen's factory showroom in Maine? Now is your chance. Throughout the year the L-N folks ship their mobile showroom throughout North America and set up shop in great venues from custom furniture shops like Jeff's, to lumberyards and woodworking schools. The event is staffed with the people who make, design and use the tools. Large displays featuring step-by-step photos and multiple video screens show the manufacturing process in great detail.

But here's the best part. You can treat the tools, benches and wood like they were you're own. Picking up a tool and trying it out is encouraged.

And if that wasn't reason enough, the other draws include demonstrations by Christopher Schwarz of Popular Woodworking Magazine, John Economaki of Bridge City Toolworks, and Ron Brese, planemaker. Oh yeah, we'll be there too!

Ron Brese will be bringing his newest tool to this event, a stainless steel panel size plane from his all-new line of non-infill planes.

Yet another reason to attend this event is for the sheer pleasure of sitting in one of Jeff Miller's chairs. Last year I sat in Jeff's Cantata chair and I melted. Time stopped. I forgot where I was. When I got up I felt like I'd known Jeff my entire life and that he'd made the chair specifically for me. It's also pretty nice to look at.

But of course the real reason we're coming to Chicago:

See you at Jeff's. (or Al's!)

Photos by Benchcrafted and Cian Perez.

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