Monday, May 31, 2010

Reason To Smile

We can't help but get a big goofy grin on our faces when folks send us pictures like this. This gentleman is obviously thrilled with his new Benchrafted Split-Top Roubo, and we're thrilled that he's thrilled!

This bench is the work of master craftsman Frank Strazza, instructor at the CFEE School of Woodworking in central Texas.

The bench was commissioned by Dave, the gentleman pictured above, who uses the bench in an extra room in his home (you read that right, now don't be jealous!) to build violins.

Strazza did an outstanding job building the bench. And it's no surprise. His furniture making skills are highly developed. This Federal style desk was built by Strazza and won top honors at the Texas Furniture Maker's Show. Read more about this desk at Fine Woodworking Magazine's website.

Thanks Frank, for choosing Benchcrafted vises and plans. We're honored to have such a great craftsman use our products.

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