Thursday, September 9, 2010

See The Benchcrafted Shaker Bench in Cincinnati October 1-2

We've completed the prototype for the Benchcrafted Shaker Bench. As we've written previously, this bench was built around our vises for those who would like to build something other than our Split-Top Roubo. When we get closer to completing the plans we'll post some info about why you would possibly need, or want, a bench like this vs. a more massive bench like a Roubo style.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see this bench in person and take it for a test drive, we'll be exhibiting at the Woodworking In America Conference October 1-2. The conference is full. But the marketplace, where all the exhibitors will be gathered, is open to anyone willing to pay $5 to get in (that includes both days). Make sure you print out this coupon to get the $5 admission fee (the regular fee is $7). If you're disappointed that the registration is full, don't be. You could wander around the entire marketplace for both days and talk with toolmakers (most of whom come from backgrounds in fine furniture making, high-end carpentry, and lutherie) and attend the numerous free seminars and you'd get enough info to digest for the next year. We will have our complete line of products available for sale at the conference. Please stop by our booth and say hello.


  1. That bench turned out fantastic!! Really nice looking bench with some nice storage options. I think it is on my 'to do' list in the near future.

  2. Beautiful bench. Can't wait to see it in person in Kentucky

  3. Jameel,

    Outstanding, as usual. Have a great time at WIA.


  4. Thank you! We're very excited to be developing these plans, especially since there aren't too many Shaker bench plans out there in a manageable size.

  5. I like the new cast iron wheels. Looks good with the bench.


  6. That is beautiful Jameel, can't wait to see it and you in Cincinnati. I think it is interesting to see more options in bench designs popping up now that we are starting to get the Roubo fever out of our systems. While I'm sure this is not as massive as Roubo, I can't imagine this is a pushover.

  7. You're right Shannon. Not as massive, but massive in a different way. There are some significant reasons why someone would choose this bench over a Roubo-style. Stop by the booth and we'll talk.

  8. Any chance these plans will be available in the near future? I have all the benchcrafted hardware and stock for the Roubo waiting to go, but this has more appeal with the storage cabinets

    Also, is it compatible with the hold-fasts included with the Roubo kit?

  9. Plans are in the works. We're hoping to have them by Christmas.

    The holdfasts might work with this bench. We're still exploring that...stay tuned.


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