Monday, October 18, 2010

A Fine Bench From England

Last week we received an email from customer David Barron who recently completed a joiner's bench in primed unsteamed beech, featuring the Glide Leg Vise, which he says " very nicely made and performs superbly." The bench is 56" long x 28" deep x 37" tall and weighs 280 pounds.

David builds exquisite modern English furniture with well-designed and delicately executed joinery. He trained at the Edward Barnsley Workshop.

Notice the lack of any tail vise. David prefers to work with stops, and judging by the placement of holes in his top, the bench is well-suited to this type of workholding. David admits though, "I prefer this to using a tail vice, although if I did fit one it would be one of yours!"

There are a lot of folks who are impressed with well-crafted dovetails. We're no different. It takes some high skill to cut large dovetails with a flawless fit.

For more info on David's work, take a look at his website.

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