Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More New Stuff, Skraper Update

After many requests over the past couple years we're finally offering the hardware to make the roller brackets from our Glide Leg Vise.

Paired with a T-handle metal bench screw, or a wooden bench screw,  a pair of roller brackets will make your leg vise spin freely. It's a nice upgrade that makes any leg vise move effortlessly.

The kit includes everything you need to make two brackets, except wood.

Download the templates for making the bracket HERE.

The bracket hardware costs $39, and all the components are made in the USA. The rollers are top-quality industrial-grade casters with ball-bearing hubs. The metal parts have a black finish and look very traditional in context.

If your chop goes all the way to the floor, you'll need to do some slicing and dicing to allow enough room for the roller bracket to mount below the parallel guide. If you love wood screws, this is a perfect way to improve their function for just a few bucks.

You can order the kit on our Order page.

We'll start shipping these next week, after we return from the Lie-Nielsen Open House this weekend. 


Chris Schwarz recently blogged about our Skraper. Naturally this put a severe dent in our inventory. Actually, it put more like a hole in our inventory.

We sold out within an hour.

We're about half way through the next run, and expect to ship about middle of next week for those of you who are waiting.Thanks for your patience.

Tomorrow we head east to Warren, ME. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by L-N Toolworks and say hello.

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