Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tapping Moxon Handwheels Video

Our first run of Moxon Vises sold out in short order, and we've been busy getting the next run finished up. They are almost done and should be shipping in less than two weeks.

Earlier this week we were tapping hand wheels and thought it would be interesting to show how this is done.

For those of you without machine experience, running acme taps in this size is demanding work. Unlike machine screw threads, where there is relatively little material to remove from the largest diameter of the thread, acme threads feature a flat bottom and almost square-shouldered threads, requiring lots of material removal. Acme taps either come in pairs (roughing and finishing), or in tandem form (a single tap with two stages, roughing and finishing). The tap in the video is a tandem. The first half of the tap gets rid of most of the material, while the second, finishing section refines the profile and leaves a smooth finish.


  1. Wow. That's impressive.

    Did most customers opt for the full Moxon vise or just the hardware?

  2. A mix of both Jared. If you want us to decide for you, get the hardware. It's fun and satisfying to build the vise, and you can make it any size you like.

  3. Very cool. Few of us realize how much work, machine and hand, goes in to precision manufactured goods. CNC is an impressive process, but note that it still requires the input of a human, not only to program the machine, and set the tools, but to nurture the process as the work progresses. Even with machining at the sub-thou level, there remains a touch and feel component to the job. A video of the casting and finishing process for the handwheels would be equally interesting.

  4. Thanks for this glimpse into what it takes to make a quality product, here in the USA.

  5. I am planning on ordering the hardware once I get clearance from The Boss that my project list has been reduced enough to warrant the side project of building the vise. I was just curious if most people are opting to build their own jaws.

  6. What is the 2nd step,facing the back of the hub? I wonder how can finishing be done on the back of the hub? And also, the final step, tapping the wheel?


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