Friday, December 23, 2011

Big Wood Vise Back At It

I received a nice email last night from Joe Comunale, of Big Wood Vise. I used Big Wood Vise screws on my first Roubo bench build. This was before we were manufacturing vises here at Benchcrafted. If you like wood screws (and who doesn't for the classic look alone, plus they are extremely fast and hold like a Bull Terrier's maw) I recommend you look at Joe's new website. Just a few years ago it was near impossible to find good quality wood screws.

Joe's new screws are turned from rock hard maple, and are larger diameter and length than before. We don't do product reviews here at Benchcrafted, but Joe is a friend, and his connection with my first Roubo is a fond memory. Glad you're back, Joe.

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