Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bag O' Suede, and Other Updates

After only 2 requests, we are now offering suede scraps. Yeah, we aim to please.

After cutting out nice squares and rectangles of suede for packaging with our vises, we are left with odd-shaped pieces, because cows are funny-shaped.

We stuff scraps into nylon bags until we can stuff no more. Once the bags are full, they are about the size of a Dachshund (minus the legs) , and weigh well over a pound (that's the contents of one bag, pictured above.) There are always some pieces with nice acreage in each bag. Sometimes you'll even get an entire piece from one of our Moxon vises that didn't pass inspection, plus some odd pieces. Those are a deal. Colors are random, but are always drab brown, tan or the like. Earthy, shop-friendly colors. The Bag O' Suede is only $20.

You can line all your vises with suede, the faces of your dogs, the faces of your clamps, the pads on your holdfasts, anything you want to be grippy and padded. You can even cut long thin strips and make leather rope if you like. It's handy stuff to have around the shop.

The other updates are these. We've redesigned our ordering page. So much so that we don't even have an ordering page anymore. It's gone. We've replaced the ordering page with the "Store" page.

At the top of each page on the website is a row of categories. Click on the "Store" tab, right by the Benchcrafted logo. This will take you to the page where you can add any of our products to your shopping cart. In the "Products" box at the left are links to everything we offer. That appears on every page for easy navigation.

The new "Store" page has also been completely redesigned to be clear and concise. Products are now arranged in category boxes so you can quickly find what you're looking for. There's a lot less scrolling too, as the page is shorter.

We have lots of suede in stock, so feel free to test out the new Store Page. Thanks!


  1. Tried to order the suede could not find it on site
    Tried the contact button and took me dealers

  2. Click on the Store Page link above. You can buy all of our products directly from that page. Suede is at the bottom.


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