Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Return to Chicago- Hand Tool Event

In about three week Benchcrafted returns to Chicago for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event April 20-21.

We missed last year's event, and are really looking forward to seeing all our friends and fellow enthusiasts at Jeff's Miller's shop again.

This year promises to be memorable. We like this event because it combines some of the best exhibitors and attendees in one place. And one of those attendees we always like to see is Carl Bilderback, and old-school carpenter who almost always shows up with a new technique to teach us greenhorns. That's Carl showing Chris Schwarz some rope right there. 

Here's the lineup (besides us and L-N):

Raney Nelson makes a mean infill plane.

The guys with the fancy (and incredibly ergonomic) turnscrews.

If you don't know about Kevin's work (and who doesn't?) click the link.

If you don't know about Chris Schwa....oh nevermind.

Ask Jeff Miller to demo his human-powered tenoning jig. It's incredible.

Make sure to stop by and see what we're bringing too. Oh, and free donuts at Raney's bench.


  1. dumb question, but are you bringing hardware for purchase?
    if so save me one tail vise and one leg vise.
    thank you

  2. We'll do our best to have some stock at Jeff's, Adam.

  3. I am currently building a tool cabinet similar to the one that you have pictured. I was trying to figure out how to put a molding at the top and still have the doors swing. Looking at this pic., I still am unable to see how the trim is in place and the doors still work. Can you elaborate? Thanks

  4. You should drop Jeff Miller a line. That's his tool cabinet pictured.

  5. That is a beautiful cabinet.
    I wish I could make it down there for this show, it looks good.

  6. Look forward to seeing you in Chicago, Jameel!

    Assume you'll bring some mag blocks!


  7. Neil,

    We don't usually take Mag-Blok stock to shows, but we'll be glad to bring whatever you like. Just drop us an email or place an order between now and then and we'll bring it.

  8. Is it posible to make an emmert style with wider jaws that can open skewed and pivot?


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