Monday, February 4, 2013

Schwarz's 2010 Roubo and How to Get Our Vise In One

Back in 2010 Chris Schwarz built the above bench (that's a pic from the LAP blog, to get to the post, click here) and the following year he taught a class at Kelly Mehler's School on building it with chunky 5x5 timbers. Many of the students wanted to install a Benchcrafted Tail Vise in their bench, so we prepared a Sketchup drawing (with scenes) to illustrate an easy way to get our Tail Vise installed without scabbing on a dog strip or front laminate. We wrote about that a couple years ago, but never got around to posting the files. Apologies.

So at long last, here are the two files you need to follow our method.

Sketchup File
This is a simplified Sketchup drawing of a Roubo bench (with the double dovetail tenon) illustrating the sequence with Sketchup scenes. If you don't know how scenes work in Sketchup, simply click the tabs at the top and each scene will "play". You need to have Sketchup installed to view this file, obviously.

Overall View
Stupid name for this file. It's actually a view of the end of the top with the end cap removed. You can print this full size to layout the holes on your end cap. Refer to our Tail Vise installation instructions for more detail. The final scene in the Sketchup drawing has the same information, with dimensions.

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