Friday, February 28, 2014

Drawsharps In Stock

After a short period of being a tad low on stock, we've got a new batch of Drawsharps finished, packaged, and nearly ready to ship.

We've made a couple small changes to the way customers receive their Drawsharp. First, instead of gluing the diamond abrasive pads directly to the sleeves, we're now including two pieces of 3m brand double faced adhesive strips for that purpose. This isn't hardware-store variety tape. It's industrial stuff that we chose from a long list of specific parameters that would suit the Drawsharp. And it wasn't cheap. But it offers the distinct advantage of allowing us to get Drawsharps packaged and shipped quicker than before. The other change is to the stud at the bottom of each post. Customers will now assemble this part. We shot this little video to show the process.

Drawsharps are $84 and available on our store page as well as through several of our dealers.


  1. Got anything else in stock yet? Anything new in stock yet? Anything you'd like to share with us? Hmmmm?


                              MR PHILIP LAI

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