Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crisscross Parts Goofs

Due to an oversight at the factory in Shengzen, we've been shipping out the incorrect type of retaining ring that snaps onto the Crisscross' pivot pin. We just discovered it last week.

The correct e-style retaining ring is pictured above, installed on a pivot pin, installed in a Crisscross.

And here is the correct e-style ring on its own:

The incorrect type of retaining ring is pictured below.

This is the ring that has been mistakenly shipped with several Crisscrosses.

Here's the deal. Both rings work just fine with the Crisscross. We use the e-style ring because is presses onto the pin easily without tools, or with a flat blade screwdriver. The other type with two holes requires a special tool to install, or if you're Jeff Miller, a couple toothpicks and some string.

If you have the incorrect rings, and would like a replacement set of e-style rings, drop us a line at and we'll send you some. If you have the special tool, go ahead and use the wrong style, it won't matter.

Oh, and that bit about Shengzen was a joke. Seriously. Our hardware kits are carefully assembled by a local family-run fasteners supply house. This was a simple typo (our error) that caused the mix up.

The only thing we offer that's made in China is a mean cup of English tea. Earl Gray. Hot.


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