Monday, September 8, 2014

The New Glide - Top Clearance

We've received a few emails over the weekend about the new dimensions of the Glide M and C. Here are some clarifications.

The Glide M handwheel is identical to the previous model, save for the locations of the knob mounting holes. The wheel itself has not changed. It's the same diameter, weight, and depth. Again, no changes other than the knob locations.

The Glide C also has the exact same specs as the Glide M (diameter, etc.), except it has a sand-cast surface, not machined.

The overall radius of the Glide M and Glide C handwheels is 6-1/2". That's the distance from the center of the acme screw to the tip of any of the knobs.

Here's where you might run into trouble. If you position the Glide less that 6-1/2" from the top of the bench to the center of the screw, the knobs will be above the top surface of the bench when in the 12 o'clock position.

But here's also why no one should ever run into this situation. In the vast majority of benches there will be oodles of room between the benchtop surface and the top of the Crisscross hardware. In an average bench (height 34") you can start the Crisscross mortise 1" above the floor, mount the Glide 1-3/4" above the Crisscross, and still have over 11" above the screw. That's huge. See below.

And if you're bench is really, really short, like 29", you can still mount the Glide and Crisscross without the knobs breaking the top plane of the benchtop. See below.

So, to sum up, mount your Glide and Crisscross as low as you can (we repeat this numerous times throughout the installation instructions). There is no reason to mount it higher, and thus sacrifice capacity above the screw.

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  1. May I have the exact dimensions of the Crisscross? Is possible to install the devise in my bench? It is not new.


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