Monday, August 22, 2016

Moxon Vises Now Shipping With Crubber

For some time we've experienced increasing difficulty sourcing suede on a regular basis. The problem isn't so much supply, as there are plenty of cow hides out there, but rather finding a supplier who is consistent and wants to do business. Must just be the industry.

So we've looked for other options. And we found it in an unlikely place. Over the winter we fixed up our '69 Volkswagen Beetle and even went so far as to rebuild the engine from scratch. When we opened the gasket kit we found this corky-looking material that seemed to grip to any surface. After a fair amount of research we've sourced this material--a blend of natural cork and natural rubber, chopped up and reformed under great pressure into a dense roll of grippy material that's sliced--rotary veneer-style--into 3/32" sheets of grabby goodness. We've replaced all the suede in our shop with Crubber and we're loving it.

We'll also be offering Crubber ala carte so you can line your other vises or clamp heads. It should also work on holdfast pads, although we haven't tested that yet.

Eventually, when we run out of our stock of suede leather, all vises will ship with Crubber.

Watch for ala carte Crubber on our website this fall.

Say it one more time....Crubber!


  1. Sounds like once again, you guys are leading the way. Thanks.

  2. I glue that stuff to flat (or curved) boards and add buffing compound and voila, nice, grabby but firm strop.

    1. Gavin, We'll have to give that a try. Sounds great.


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