Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Update

We apologize for not updating the blog as frequently, but it's been quite busy here this summer what with all our new products coming down the pike. Here's what's happening at Benchcrafted.

Swing Seat 
The patterns are done and on their way to the foundry. Next week we hope to get some video of the first pour. We always run samples to check gating (how the metal flows) and such, so this won't be a production run. If the sample run looks good we'll go right ahead with a production run so we can get these produced asap. The goal on these is to have some ready for Christmas delivery.

Planing Stop
We've got the first run finished and ready for packaging. Once we update the website you'll be able to buy one. Price: $24. Includes everything you need to put one in your bench, except for the wood stock. Watch for these in the next few weeks.

Classic Workbench Plans
The plans are finished (thanks Louis!) All we need to do now is sit down and write the instructions, take some pictures and update the website. Christmastime is our goal.

Hi Vise
We've finished our first mass run of Hi Vises. This week we'll begin packaging them up. We've still got a bit of stuff to do with instructions and website copy, but we're close. We're also building the portable version this week, so look for updates on that as well.

Turbo Ecabulator
This never gets old


  1. I was wondering about the turbo encabulator. That is a gem, how on earth did you ever find that bit of nonsense?

  2. The turbo encabulator hauntingly reminds me of the Dual Overhead Swayback Decompression Activator Recipricator Mechanism Housing equipped with an Upper and Lower Reverbial Bynomial Spring Retrogravitator developed in 1965. Obviously there have been many scientific advances since then, but one must wonder, quietly, whether the turbo encabulator owes at least part of its history to the former. I, and my solicitors patiently await your response. Sincerely,
    Lee Hockman
    Licensed Common Sense Consultant

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  4. I think my 4L60E just turned into a Turbo Encabulator.

  5. Do you have rough pricing established for the swing seat yet?


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