Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Planing Stop in the Split Top Roubo

A customer recently asked where to install his Benchcrafted Planing Stop in his Split Top Roubo, as the Split Top Roubo plans do not include the planing stop.

Here's where we recommend you install the stop: between the two dogs immediately to the left of the leg vise. You'll have to move the stop a little inboard (that is, a bit past the 2-3/4" we show in the planing stop instructions) to allow some space between the stop's stock and the dogs. We don't show any dimensions because your bench may be different. Here's the basic idea behind finding the right spot. You don't want to get the stop too close to the dogs, and at the same time you don't want it too close to the leg either so it doesn't end up behind your potentially-wider leg vise chop, making adjustment annoying.


  1. Jameel, what is your opinion about including the planing stop on the Split top bench. I am still constructing mine and it would be easy to add now but I was not sure if it would be useful?


    1. Absolutely its useful. We touch on this in the instructions and webpage. If you've got a stack of boards to face plane along the grain, the planing stop is hands down the quicker way to work. Before I had a stop I would pop up a dog to mimic the function, but those tend to work their way back down after a few strokes. You'll want one in your bench.


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