Friday, January 22, 2010

First Split-Top Roubos

Last week Kelly and several die-hard alumni spent several days building 6 old-school workbenches at Kelly Mehler's School of Woodworking. Kelly was one of the first to snatch up our Split-Top Roubo plans along with vises back in late November. We delivered his vises just in the nick of time, literally the day the class got rolling. Whew! Kelly dropped me a line earlier this week raving about the success of the project.

In only 9 days Kelly and his crew built six Holtzapffel style benches and two Split-top Roubo benches, using several Benchcrafted vises. These two benches are the first Split-top Roubo's to be built using the plans. Thanks to Kelly and his crew for choosing Benchcrafted vises and plans to outfit the school. We're very excited to have our vises in use at such an excellent school as Kelly's, and we wholly support educational woodworking facilities like Kelly's.

If you're thinking that this is the year you're going to finally build yourself a real honest-to-goodness serious bench, get some inspiration and take a look at a slideshow of the bench building party here.

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  1. Loved the slideshow and the benches. 6 benches in 9 days....did those guys get any sleep? That's quite impressive!


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