Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ripping on Roubo

A few weeks ago we blogged about Jim Tolpin's new Split-Top Roubo. Since we released the plans for this bench we're getting some good response and woodworkers around the country are starting to build their own Split-Top Roubos.

Update on Vises: For those waiting for their vises to arrive, we've just completed a large batch of vises and will be shipping some of these this week. The Holiday season always means delays, and we thank everyone who ordered for their patience.

Back to ripping on Roubo. Jim Tolpin has taken to using his Split-Top Roubo for ripping boards. He jumps up on the bench, holds the work with his Gramercy Holdfasts, and uses the open slot to rip boards. Jim reports:

" You know, I thought at first this was just a gimmick...but other than having to hop up on the bench, its by far the easiest, safest, most hassle-free way I've found so far for ripping large boards...and I do have a massive, classic saw bench at 20-in height that I usually use. I wonder if I'll use it as much now."


  1. Jim can use his 20 inch high saw bench as a step stool when he climbs up on that big boy, just be sure not to cut through those cross pieces Jim!
    Mike Siemsen
    Who was using the crack in his Nicholson to hold a planing stop today.

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for chiming in. Kudos to you for the gap idea on your Nicholson. I've been using mine quite a bit lately and I love it. Have you used your's for ripping yet. Jim and I have, uh, lets say different body types, so what for him is a "hop" onto the bench would be more like an "expedition" for me. I'll stick to my saw bench. My, eh ,Unisawbench! :-0

  3. Really interesting post. I am pretty new to woodworking and I have never heard of such a bench. It looks very cool.


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