Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pouring Handwheels--And An Inventory Update

As of this post, we are completely out of Tail Vises. We won't be producing more until we finish up a run of our new Tail Vise handwheels (see below for more.)

On the other hand, we still have a decent quantity of Glide Leg Vises in stock. If you want to avoid the upcoming price increase, you should order now. And again, if you eventually want our upcoming St. Peter's Cross, it will work fine with these Glides. We will even give you a special price on the St. Peter's Cross when its released, if you've purchased any Glide since February of this year. That includes these Glides. So by buying a Glide now, you can automatically get a price break on the St. Peter's Cross, and it doesn't even exist yet! How many companies give you a discount on nothing?! Wait a second....I better stop while I'm ahead.

Speaking of handwheels, yesterday we delivered the new matchplate for the Tail Vise handwheels to the foundry. And this morning the first batch of samples was poured. Next, the handwheels will season for 12 months while we vacation in the Carribean. After we get back....No, seriously, next we'll machine the samples and prove out the process so we can whip them out like the hot dogs on How It's Made. Are you kidding? We're going to file these babies all by hand and polish them with calf skin shammies and humpback whale oil until they feel like the back of a wet otter. Seriously, (didn't I already say that?) we're making steady progress and hope to show some finished wheels by the end of the month. Stay tuned. Here's a video I took at the foundry. Warning: it's bad quality. (if you want to see a real videographer's work at a foundry, click here) But I got a kick out of filming it. I almost backed into a crucible of molten iron.

Oh, and sorry if you never eat another hot dog again. Brats are better anyway.

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