Monday, May 7, 2012

Vise Inventory and New Handwheels Update

Just a head's up for those planning bench projects. We only have a handful zero Benchcrafted Tail Vises left in stock at the moment. We may sell out by the end of the week. After those are gone, we'll be suspending orders for Tail Vises until we have firm pricing on the new wheels (should be soon.) We have more Glides than Tail Vises in stock, but again, if you're looking to use both vises, you may want to order both now so they match, and to avoid the price increase. These in-stock Glides will work with our upcoming St. Peter's Cross mechanism, so if you anticipate wanting that when it comes down the line, you should pick up a Glide now.

Watch here for updates, and thank you all for your patience as we transition to our new handwheels.

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