Monday, December 31, 2012

Crisscross customers - feedback please

We've been shipping out Crisscross orders for a few weeks now.  As many of you know by now, for most of those orders, we've opted to ship via USPS Flat Rate.  This accomplishes a few things; obviously a flat rate which tends to be considerably cheaper than variable UPS rates, quicker shipping since there is no calculation on our part which in turn takes time and typically fast delivery times (USPS Priority is usually a day or more faster than ground UPS and includes Saturdays).

What we'd like to know from our customers is how those shipments are faring.  We're guessing that it's going well since we've had no real comments or emails on the subject.  Our only real concern is the condition of these packages when they arrive.  The Flat Rate boxes are nice, but not terribly robust.  That said, we pack them well and we typically do some additional taping to beef them up a bit.  Furthermore, the Crisscross itself is packed in a good quality box within the shipping box.  Finally, it's not exactly petit fours we're shipping here, cast iron tends to be pretty tough!

A short comment left below would be appreciated.  Again, we can only assume that these are working out pretty well.  One thing we don't need to verify, we know our customers appreciate cheaper shipping!


  1. I regularly ship turning blanks and other stuff with the USPS flat rate boxes for the same reasons. The boxes aren't indestructible, but they are pretty good. I pack the boxes so things won't move too much, haven't had any trouble.

    In my case, they are a great deal for me and my customers. I even try to cut my blanks to fit the boxes.

  2. My box actually HAD sprung a hole by the time it reached me. I was therefore extra careful to make sure I wasn't missing any parts. I wasn't, and that was entirely due to the fact that ya'll had packed it well. My barrel nuts were in a ziploc of their own, and the CrissCross was in its own box. I'd normally be inclined to say that your packaging was a little over zealous, and perhaps wasteful, but in this case I'd be wrong :0)

  3. My outer box had burst open when it arrived, but, as you note, everything is iron, so nothing was damaged.

  4. My shipment arrived in great shape. No damage or missing parts. Usually when I get packages from UPS they look like someone drove over them.

  5. My box had long open tear. The iron had ravaged the inside packing. Little parts were loose everywhere. The little baggie that held the screws (I'm assuming) looked like it was beaten with a ball peen hammer. Incredibly everything seems to be here. Haven't got to the vise yet. Still working on the build.

  6. My box had a hole on the outside. Also the inner box tape failed and parts were partially out of the packaging. No damage to anything. Martin

  7. Other than basic wear to the outer box, mine was just fine. As side note, many thanks for taking the time to help my wife identify the correct kit, as it was a gift for me. Props for good customer service. Happy New Year!

  8. There was very minor damage to the USPS box and none to Glide/Retro and Crisscross boxes inside. Vise components were not "knocked around" during shipping and had no damage whatsoever.

  9. Jameel and Co.,

    My box was in pretty sad shape when it arrived. I was actually worried about the items inside so I took some photos before I opened it in case something was damaged. I received it about 3 days ago. The box had been torn open and taped up, presumably by the USPS.

    To be fair, I had ordered some other items that were shipped inside the same box, scrap leather, barrel nuts, end cap barrel nuts, and a Skraper, so there wasn't as much room inside for packing. When I picked up the USPS box there was a whole lot of clanking around, which with the damage had me worried.

    If you would like the pictures I would be happy to send them to you.

    As it turns out, my fears were unfounded and everything inside was in fine shape.

    Cheers, and Happy New Year

    Chris Harrington

  10. Very pleased to say that my criss cross arrived safe and sound all the way here to Melbourne, Australia. Pretty happy with the delivery times as well, posted in the US on the 29th December and Australia Post delivered it today, 7/1 our time.

    Only a couple of minor tears that didn't even get close to affecting the holding capacity of the box. The actual box inside was unscathed.

    The packaging was much appreciated by my 3 year old daughter, her only request was that there should have been less of the pink foam and more of the really fun bubble wrap for her to stomp on and pop.


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