Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crisscross Instructions Now Available

You can now download the complete installation instructions and measured drawings for the Benchcrafted Crisscross.

As always, instructions for all our vises are available free, anytime, on our downloads page.

The instructions include detailed, step by step instructions for fitting a Crisscross Solo or Retro to new benches (where you can work on the leg on its own) or for retrofitting where the leg may be permanently joined to the rest of the bench. We also include comprehensive measured drawings for the necessary mortise and hole locations.

If you're installing a Glide Crisscross we've included a special section within the Crisscross instructions, since the majority of the Glide Crisscross install is in the Crisscross itself. Glides with the Crisscross should install much faster than the original Glide with its parallel guide, leg mortise, and roller brackets.

The instructions also include information on how to install the Crisscross in our Split Top Roubo, including measured drawings of the front rail joinery, which is different with the Crisscross. 


  1. Looking forward to getting mine Jameel. In the throws of my build now. Using a wood screw.

    Just a note: I read the instructions four times looking for the mortise depth of the crisscross. Must be a visual thing, but I had a hard time finding the obvious. Maybe pull it up tighter to the line drawing or better yet show it with a side elevation. I was looking for it in the copy initially.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I trust you located the information you were looking for? It's shown on the mortise drawings at the end of the pdf document, in the bottom left hand corner. It indicates the mortise depth as being 1 7/16" in both the chop and leg.



  3. So a couple posts ago there was mention of a new acetal bushing to ease the mounting of the crisscross. Is there any word on this and when will it be available? I have a crisscross coming for a retrofit into an old bench.

    1. We don't have a Buy Now button for them at this time. For now, simply send an email to and we'll be glad to sell you one. Alternatively, if you don't want to purchase one, simply elongate the hole vertically (keep the middle 1/4" untouched)removing material at the top and bottom of the hole. A spindle sander is a handy tool for this. All you're after is to get some of the material out of the way from the top and bottom of the hole. It doesn't need to be precise. The bushing only provides horizontal (left-right) support.


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