Monday, February 29, 2016

Watch William Ng Make Condor Tails

William Ng recently outfitted his entire school with new benches featuring our hardware. William produced this video showing how he set up for making a production run of Condor tails for the end caps. This is similar to the technique we use, but a little more production oriented. If you've got a bunch to make, or just enjoy using machines, William's method is excellent. It's a fun watch too, William's got a good sense of humor.


  1. Great technique! One caveat is that you need to have pretty high ceilings in your shop in order to cut the tails on the long front piece using a table saw.

    1. Ditto. Very clever! It might be tricky, though, to stabilize an 8' board on standing on its small end area for the cut.

      May the Schwartz be with you!


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