Thursday, March 10, 2016

FORP Plate 11-style Holdfasts For Sale

We have a few leftover Plate-11 style holdfasts available. We made extras last year, but didn't sell all of them at the FORP. I think there are perhaps a dozen left.

These are not to be confused with the holdfasts that we produce. Rather, these are based off the Plate-11 engraving. An original "Plate 11" holdfast from Peter Ross was used as a prototype. Peter was having some issues with his elbow when we needed these, so he gave us the okay to make a few after his model in order to have them by the FORP. These are stamped with the Benchcrafted moniker.
Ross' prototype can be seen at the very bottom of the picture above. The holdfasts are made by our smith who also produces our standard hand-forged holdfast. They are excellent.

Important note. These are not a regular item, and we have no plans to produce them. If you want a Plate-11 style holdfast after these are gone, you'll need to commission Ross to make you one. These are his baby.

Price is $220, including domestic shipping. To purchase, follow these instructions:

Send a check for $220 to:

Wyatt Childs Inc.1598 Johnstonville Rd, Barnesville, GA 30204(770) 358-0501

Include your name, phone, and shipping address in the envelope, along with exactly what you want (quantities, in other words)and you'll receive your holdfast(s). The included shipping is for one holdfast. If you want more than one, you'll have to arrange with Childs.

You can try to call Wyatt Childs at the above number, but really the best way to get a holdfast is the method above. Childs does take credit cards, so if you must pay that way, call.


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