Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Benchcrafted FAQ-Now Online

We've spent the last few weeks preparing an extensive FAQ for Benchcrafted products. We get lots of questions about our products that are either not readily available, or are buried in the website or blog.

And sometimes we're a bit backed up on email. Hopefully the new FAQ will get you the info you need more efficiently.

The FAQ link is at the top of list at the right side of the blog.

And in the interest of making this post something other than "totally boring", here are a couple pics (courtesy Jeff Burks) from the Toolmaker's Dinner at last year's WIA Conference. That's me, Ellis Walentine and Frank Klausz talking over Benchcrafted vises. I'll never forget Frank's words about the Glide, "I love this vise!"


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