Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Garage sale time!

Well, this isn't exactly the purpose of this blog.....but watcha gonna does?

We've got a couple tech items that need to go and we know some of you are chompin' at the bit to get them :-)

Selling our minty HFS100 Video camera. Complete in the original box. $899+ new.

Extras: includes additional extended genuine Canon BP-827 battery. This is about double the capacity of the stock battery. Easily gets 3 hrs, and often close to 4 hrs of additional record time. These are a ridiculous $116+ new. This one has had very little use.

So that's a total retail $1015.00 on the low end

Will take $725.00 shipped free in CONUS via PayPal personal/gift. Add 3% for regular PayPal.

This is the same camera we've used for all our most recent videos.

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