Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Benchmaker's Apprentice: Cutting Tenons

Nothing better to start the new year with that cutting tenons!

When you use the table saw to cut your tenons, it is only necessary to mark one piece, of course, because your fence will already be set.

Once all the edges are sawed, I go over to the band saw and cut off the rest of the material. Who the heck is that dufus in the picture?

After a little planing, we have ourselves a fine group of tenons for our bench.


  1. Hi Hunna,
    I just wanted to say thanks for your posts; I'm enjoying your write-ups and photos. I finished my own bench (with some elements based loosely on Jameel's fine designs) a few months ago, and as I'm sure you know, a flat and stable bench makes a HUGE difference.
    Your single-board bench legs are sweet! Mine are laminated from 2-3 boards each - I saved some money, and it worked, but it was a lot of labor to get there.
    Keep up the good work on the bench, and I'll look forward to future updates,


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