Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Carver's Vise Instructions Now Available

For those waiting for Carver's Vise measured drawings and construction notes, they are ready.

To download the pdf, visit our downloads page.

For your convenience, click here for direct download.

Special thanks to Louis Bois for tweaking his original version to suit our hardware.

 UPDATE:  We are also actively shipping, all current orders will be on their way no later than Friday.  Inventory is nearly 2/3 gone so if you are sitting on the fence now is probably a good time to act.


  1. Jameel,

    This is a kinda basic word working question, but how do you cut those large curves in the vise jaws? I'm thinking clamp the jaws together, and then head to the bandsaw followed by a rasp and sand paper?


    - Matt

  2. We cut them on the bandsaw, followed by a spindle sander. We do them one at a time and work carefully to the layout line. You don't have to use that shape either, although it allows clearance for tools, and looks nice. Chamfers would serve the same purpose.


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