Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Plate 11 Leg Vise

Ports of Call:

177?:  T. Jefferson's back yard

178?:   M. Antoinette's back yard

1999:   Lumberyard outside Paris

2010:  Barnesville, Georgia

2013:  Erie, PA

Yesterday: Iowa

Two days ago we received an email we've been anticipating since January.

It was Nick at Lake Erie Toolworks. The Roubo leg vises were finally done.

Nick did an absolutely outstanding job. I don't think it would be physically possible to do cleaner work than what Nick has pulled off. These screws are a work of craftsmanship of the highest order. Even the terminus of the thread, as it tapers off to nothing near the head, is flawless. It's a beautiful detail that will be unfortunately hidden in the chop once the vise is installed.

The fit of the thread is also excellent. Nick went to great pains to make sure the complex geometry of the mating threads was such that each thread engaged fully with its mating thread, flat to flat. This translates into durability. And mechanical beauty.

Special thanks to Nick and the crew at Lake Erie Toolworks for an outstanding job.


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