Sunday, June 23, 2013

For Sale: My Bridge City Jointmaker Pro

It is with a heavy heart that I make this blog post. I am selling my Bridge City Jointmaker Pro. Why? No, its not because I'm tired of it (I've barely explored its capabilities), not because I've worn it out (it has very low hours on it), and not because there's a new version coming out.

Bottom line? I'm not doing it justice.

Back in 2008 I saw the very first JMP at Jeff Miller's Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Event. I was thick into luthiery at the time, and I envisioned the JMP as a production parquetry machine, capable of saving me oodles of time with shooting boards and miter jacks. By the time the JMP arrived at my shop, I had all but given up on making instruments, and the need for production parquetry vanished. I did use the JMP for a short run of parquetry for a backgammon board for a friend. I was right about the JMP. It was THE machine for making ridiculously accurate miters lickety split. I even wrote an article on how I did it for Popular Woodworking Magazine #189.

I also used the JMP for several small case projects, where I used it to cut perfect dovetails in difficult materials like birdseye maple, and quartered douglas fir. It made flawless joints.

I'm not a tool collector, and since I don't use the JMP nearly enough, I want it to go to a good home where it will be lovingly used by a caring owner.

How will I cut parquetry in the future? Largely by hand. I no longer need the production capabilities that the JMP provides, and since delving deeper into Roubo, I'm looking forward to getting set up with his method, illustrated in L'Art Du Menuisier.

 What's included:

- First edition Jointmaker Pro
- JMP Stand
- JMP Conversion Kit (currently installed on JMP--original rails/tables included)
- JMP Fence "The Works" (new in box, never installed)
- Precison Fence Pivot Clamp (new in box, never installed)
- Precision Fence Elbow Clamp (new in box, never installed)

This is about $3200 worth of kit if purchased from BCTW today, which I would add you can't do since most of this stuff is either not in production or already in limited production (you have to be waitlisted.)

Price: $2500
I should add that my tools are well cared for. You'll more or less be getting new product. I'll also throw in all the blades I have.

Email me for more info. jameel at benchcrafted dot com.

Update: SOLD

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  1. i bought my saw at that same event. Sorry to see you selling it as I thought your work with it making the inlay marquetry was outstanding.

    You might want to list it on the Festool Owners Group and Talk Festool sites. Both have quite a few Bridge City users on them.

    Good luck -



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