Monday, October 6, 2014

For Sale - Benchmaker's Package With Wood - SOLD

We have available a Benchmaker's Package with wood. We milled this with the intention of making a demo bench for an upcoming woodworking event, but our plans have changed. Oftentimes we make a bench to display our vises at a show, then sell the demo bench. Since we now have three different leg vises (and soon to be two wagon vises) we're rethinking our display options.

Here's the nitty gritty.

The package includes everything (really, shelf boards, deadman, dogs, everything!) you need to build our Split Top Roubo. All components are precisely milled to final size, but left overlong to cut to final length. The tops are glued up from jointed and planed boards, then finish planed to 4". I lopped off the ends of the tops to a consistent length after glue up (a few inches past 84"), but the cut isn't a finished cut. They will need to be cleaned up to look and feel smooth (of course you'll need to join the end cap.) With careful construction, you'll be able to flatten the tops with a couple passes of a jointer plane. Once you cut the parts to length, all you'll need to do is cut joinery and install the vises. There is no milling to do. For a person with a hand tool-only shop, this would be a great way to build our bench with a minimum of heavy work.

The package includes our Glide M Solo Benchmaker's package, which includes all the hardware (barrel nuts, Spax lags) and vises (our new Glide M with Crisscross Solo, Tail Vise) plus the printed plans. The only material you'll need to finish your bench is a little glue.

Species is hard rock maple.

SOLD: Price is $3349, plus freight. Due to the great differences in freight by location, please contact us for a quote.

If you'd like to purchase, send an email to

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  1. How many vises could you cram on a single workbench and still keep everything functional? A double-deck bench, maybe? :)


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