Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Glide C Leg VIse - Now Available

Late last week we finished packing up the first of the Glide C leg vises.They are now available to purchase.

The Glide C is different from the Glide M in two ways. First, the C handwheel is sand cast in gray iron, and then only machined to accept the acme screw and infused beech knobs (the Glide M surfaces are entirely machined after casting.) Secondly, the C uses Beech knobs instead of the deep red Dymondwood of the Glide M.

Each vise performs identically.

Why would you choose a Glide C? Two reasons. First, cost. The C is $70 less than the M. Second, looks. The C has much more of a vintage, traditional look if that's your style. It looks perfect on a Roubo bench, especially when made from ring porous hardwoods like ash or oak. It would look outstanding on a beech bench. My personal vises at home usually change pretty frequently during testing, but I currently have a C on my ash bench. I love the look.

Glide C's are available for order now on our Store Page. They ship 1-2 weeks after placing your order, but usually much faster (that lead time gives us a little wiggle room in case the fish are biting.)

Later this fall we hope to release the new Tail Vise C, so we can offer a matched set of vises in the C style.

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