Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Build the Split Top Roubo with The Wood Whisperer

If you've ever thought of building our Split Top Roubo bench and hesitated for a moment because of your skill level, now's your chance to allay your fears and build your lifetime bench.

Not that building a bench is particularly skill-intensive. But building something that must play nicely with large metal components takes some level of precision that may intimidate a beginner. A teacher or class would be the answer, but not everyone has the time or means to take a class.

Here's where the The Wood Whisperer Guild comes in.

Marc Spagnuolo, aka The Wood Whisperer, is the founder of the Guild, which is basically an online woodworking school with the distinct advantage over typical schools of being able to take "classes" at your convenience and at your pace, with tons of added content like forums and live chats. We're excited that Marc has announced the next "Guild Build" will be our Split Top Roubo.

Here's how the build works. Marc builds the project, and records the entire process in beautiful HD video, sharing construction details, techniques and methods. He covers every aspect of the project in great detail and glosses over nothing. Everything is covered from wood selection to final finish. The Guild provides detailed plans and other digital content to guide you through the build, again, at your own pace. We've seen the videos of the past Guild Builds and are impressed. The production quality is outstanding. Some of the best woodworking video production value we've seen online or otherwise.

Once the build starts (January 2012), Marc posts a new video every week and offers live chats, videos, interviews and other extras. He covers all the bases. By the time the build is complete, you'll be able to view the entire bench making process in HD video (including both our Tail Vise and Glide Leg Vise Vise installation), at your convenience. Plus, you'll have the support of other Guild Build participants and Marc to help you with any questions (we'll be here too of course as we always are) by way of email and the Guild forums.

Benchcrafted and the Guild are both offering some incentives for this project:

1. Join the Guild here. Use the code BENCHCRAFTED and you'll get 10% off your guild membership.

2. If you're already a Guild member and you purchase vises from us, you'll receive an additional  three months of Guild membership.

3. Get a discount on any of our vises or a Benchmaker's Package if you're a Guild member. More info here.

All told, if you join the Guild and purchase vises, that's 15 months of Guild membership for a little more than $100. A great value.

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