Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Specials at WIA

Couple last things before we push off for Kentucky and WIA 2011.

1. Due to a lazy worker (me), we won't be bringing Tail Vises, or Glide Leg Vises to WIA. We had hoped to. But here's the good news. If you had planned on picking up a vise(s) at WIA, no worries. We will offer free shipping for Tail Vises and Glide Leg Vises if you order at the show. And wait times should be much shorter after the show.

2.  We will have Moxon vises at the show. Lots of them. So if you're thinking about getting one of these, now would be the time. They weigh 8 pounds, and will fit in luggage easily. The six complete Moxon vises we're using as demo vises are also for sale at the show. These are a bargain at $299, completely assembled and finished, including two Gramercy holdfasts. Pick one up Saturday afternoon.

3. We have lots of suede scraps that we're bringing to the show. If you've wondered why we include suede leather with our vises its because it makes gripping work completely effortless and positive. I personally have suede lining every jaw of every vise in my shop. I absolutely love it. So we'll have a big box of suede scraps and a pile of bags to fill. Grab a generous fistful of suede (go easy Frank Bessette) stuff the sack, and slip us a five. That's all we ask. There are a few smallish pieces in there (good for clamp heads), but there are also lots of big pieces, like square-feet size. Seriously. So don't be shy, but also don't be a greedy b*%$#!d, or we'll call you on it.

4. For those with big chops (twin screws) and other demanding surfaces that require massive sueadage, we'll have an overflowing bushel basket of half-hides for sale. $25 per half hide. That's a good price. And it's probably more suede than an average shop would need forever.

5. I have an inside source that tells me there will be free, crispy bacon at the Bridge City booth. Economaki is from Iowa, after all.

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