Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moxon's Torture Device

"What on earth is that thing?"

"It's a bench for demoing our Moxon Vises at WIA"

"It looks like a medieval torture device"

"It depends on how you use it"

Our demo bench for Benchcrafted Moxon Vises is officially done. 

And pardon me, but it's wicked cool.

Four woodworkers can use the bench at once, all sawing away with pleasure and comfort while looking at their neighbors' efforts for inspiration, or an ego boost. 

The entire bench knocks down into seven pieces (the top is in two halves for ease of transport). The sawbuck-style base assembles with massive through tusk tenons which draw the base up rock solid. Dang this was fun to build. 

We will have six fully-assembled hard maple Moxon vises at WIA, plus one Moxon-style benchtop bench (on display only--its already spoken for.) All six vises are for sale now. Here's how it works. Each vise is completely assembled and finished (we use a couple coats of oil-varnish mix), hardware installed and ready to roll. The price is $299. Yes, that's the regular price of a complete Moxon vise, but this one is completely assembled and finished. And here's the best part. The two Gramercy holdfasts are included. That's a $34+ value, more if you include shipping. Plus, they will all be preloaded with 2011 WIA mojo when you take them home. We will also have a couple vises with specially finished handwheels. One vise has cold blued and oiled wheels that give the vise a real nostalgic look (and prevents rust). The other will have a polymerized flax oil finish that were trying out. No reservations on these special vises though. You'll have to claim them at our booth (they won't cost extra.)

You may order one of the six vises at any time. Drop us an email stating you'd like a complete vise at WIA. We'll send you a Paypal bill for $299. (you don't need an account to pay). You can take the vise with you at the end of the marketplace on Saturday. We'll also have hardware-only Moxon vises for sale at the show in case you want to build your own vise. 


  1. Looks great Jameel. This is like dovetail group therapy. Make friends through dovetailing!

    So how does the "bench" stand up to the abuse of rack motion from all four sides with the single trestle? I'm building a joinery bench know and was planning on a trestle design so I'm curious.

  2. The bench is rock solid. A lot of that depends on tight joinery and a solidly seated wedge.

  3. That is an impressive setup. Nice work.

    - Jared

  4. It is indeed wicked cool. Love the base.


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