Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Wood Whisperer Bench Build Info

We've been getting lots of emails from folks who are confused about what to order for the Wood Whisperer Guild Build, featuring the Benchcrafted Split-Top Roubo. Hopefully this will clarify matters.

1. Marc is building our Split Top Roubo bench exactly as it appears in our plans. Follow this link for more info on the bench: 

Or watch a video about the bench :

2. Marc purchased a Split Top Roubo Benchmaker's Package to build his bench. If you want to build your bench just like Marc, you should buy a Benchmaker's Package as well.

3. Moxon vise. This is NOT part of the Split Top Roubo Benchmaker's Package, and you don't need it to build the bench. We're simply offering it at a discount for Guild members, and because Marc is the coolest Italian woodworker we know, except for that Italian guy who built that wooden boat that looks like a Ferrari.

4. If you are not building your bench just like Marc, but still want to buy one of our vises (not a Benchmaker's Package), we are offering each of those also at a discount. So buy as many as you like.

5. Finally, as much as we'd like to send everyone a complete woodworking shop, when we say "everything you need to build.....except for wood" we mean exactly that. If you buy a Benchmaker's Package all you need to get on your own is some wood. Well, you'll need some glue too.

6. If you're attending Woodworking In America this year you can get free glue at the Gorilla Glue booth. See, we ARE looking out for you.

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