Monday, September 27, 2010

WIA Last Call

A quick update before we head to Cincinnati for WIA (click the big banner to the right for more info).

Do stop by our booth this year for some special freebies. Sorry, no hints. Well, okay maybe a little one. These come in 6 varieties (you'll want one of each) and include some useful woodworking information, plus they are just plain fun. We had a blast making these up for the show.

Another free treat if you stop by and see us. We'll point to the left where you can slide over to the Brese Plane booth and have a go with the stainless steel and ebony beauty above.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Stuff at WIA

Woodworking In America is less that two weeks away. If you want to attend a woodworking show this season, don't miss this one. There is no other event in the country where you can find all the major hand tool makers under one roof. Make no mistake, this is THE hand tool event of the year.

Everyone wants to see new tools at this show, and toolmakers want to show their new wares. We're no different.

We'll be showing our prototype vises that use non-chrome-plated cast iron wheels. These look and feel great. And that will only improve with age and use. Think "patina". Look for these in the weeks following WIA.

We're also working on a new variation of our Skraper. This one will have a longer handle, and a narrow blade for getting into tight, deep spaces. If you've ever built a bench with square dog holes and needed to clean the glue out, you'll fall to your knees and weep when you get one of these in your hands. Sorry, no sneak peeks on this one. And sorry, we won't have one at WIA. But if you ask about it, we'll be glad to brag it up!

Czeck Edge Tools

We're sharing a large booth space with two other toolmakers that we're happy to call friends.

Bob Zajicek runs Czeck Edge Hand Tool. Not listed on his website but available at the conference will be the Czeck Edge chisels. These are small chisels designed for detail work such as chopping waste from drawer dovetails and inlay mortises. They are the only finely-crafted chisels available right now in their size. Make sure you Czeck them out. (sorry, Bob).

Right alongside Benchcrafted will again be Brese Plane. Ron has been working steady in his shop this summer getting ready for WIA. We're big fans of Ron's work, and he's been teasing us with his new offerings. Just last night the tease took the form of a picture in our inbox. Looks like a smoothing-size plane from his Precision Stainless Steel line. Except for that extra lever cap. Hmmm....

See you in Cincinnati.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

See The Benchcrafted Shaker Bench in Cincinnati October 1-2

We've completed the prototype for the Benchcrafted Shaker Bench. As we've written previously, this bench was built around our vises for those who would like to build something other than our Split-Top Roubo. When we get closer to completing the plans we'll post some info about why you would possibly need, or want, a bench like this vs. a more massive bench like a Roubo style.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see this bench in person and take it for a test drive, we'll be exhibiting at the Woodworking In America Conference October 1-2. The conference is full. But the marketplace, where all the exhibitors will be gathered, is open to anyone willing to pay $5 to get in (that includes both days). Make sure you print out this coupon to get the $5 admission fee (the regular fee is $7). If you're disappointed that the registration is full, don't be. You could wander around the entire marketplace for both days and talk with toolmakers (most of whom come from backgrounds in fine furniture making, high-end carpentry, and lutherie) and attend the numerous free seminars and you'd get enough info to digest for the next year. We will have our complete line of products available for sale at the conference. Please stop by our booth and say hello.