Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Moxon M Series Available In Our Store and Hand Forged Holdfasts Too

Yesterday we spent a gorgeous spring day holed up in our packing room just because we love our customers so much. The result? We've got Moxon M Series vises packed, photographed, digitized, virtualized and webified so you can buy one. To order, see our store page.

Since many of you will wonder what's different about these, and why the price is so much higher than our standard Moxon vises, here's the low down. Over the past several years we've had many requests to offer a Moxon kit with fully machined cast iron wheels, to match the M series of vises we offer in the Glide and Tail Vise. We finally got around to making a small run. We can't promise we'll do more once these are sold out. Functionally these are identical to our standard Moxon vise. The feel of the wheel in your hand is obviously a bit different. But aside from that, no difference other than the look. The price reflects exactly the increase in machine process and labor required to take these from a sand casting to what you see above (obviously a huge amount of precision machine work, below is what we start with!) We're not upcharging these simply because they are fancier or a limited run.

We've also added our hand forged holdfasts to the store page, so you can order these more conveniently.