Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Glide Gets Some Screen Time

The past week has been pretty busy here at Benchcrafted. The first run of Glides is nearing completion for early July delivery (we're on schedule!), and we've been putting our noses to the grindstone preparing detailed and thorough instructions so customers can get the absolute best performance from their Glides. To guarantee a good manual we went ahead and installed a Glide on an existing Roubo-style bench, writing the instructions based on this install. (That's a shot from the installation instructions above).

The install was relatively easy, and thanks to the templates we provide. All the parts were quick and easy to make. The great thing about the Glide is how versatile it is. Your vise will work like clockwork if installed correctly, but you can personalize the wood components (because you make them) so your Glide will be completely unique. We think this is really cool.

When we finished up the install and the installation instructions, we couldn't help but celebrate a little and put the vise to work. So we grabbed some wood and some tools and started making shavings. I love making furniture, but who said playing around with tools isn't a blast too? This might be the first woodworking vise that's actually fun to use.

Oh, one more thing. The camcorder was handy, so...



  1. Mr. Abraham:

    Regarding this video, I've never heard this particular arrangement of Gene Autry's "Tweedle O'Twill" before (with a prominent clarinet section and a stronger western-swingy feeling than other versions with which I am familiar). Can you provide more information to source this particular version (album title, label, etc.)?

    Not a vise/bench/woodworking question, but . . .


    Phil Lang

  2. Jameel, you make my life very difficult! Or at least my wallet's life. I wish I didn't already have my wooden screws. What a great vise. How do you think it would function used at a sliding leg vise like in your first Roubo?

  3. Phil,

    Here's a link to album from Amazon.

    Shannon, I'm working on a Glide for use as a sliding leg vise. Stay tuned.


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