Friday, July 10, 2009

Thread Inserts for The Glide

We've sourced some excellent thread inserts for installing The Glide in softwoods. Threading woods such as Southern Yellow Pine or Douglas Fir does not provide enough strength for the machine screws that hold the roller guides to the bench.

We've tested these inserts in Yellow pine with a roller bracket and the strength is impressive. We couldn't get the insert to budge.

To use the insert, mark the holes for the screws using the templates and drill the pilot hole for the insert. The manufacturer recommends 31/64", but we went ahead and tested them with a 1/2" pilot hole, since most will already have this bit. It worked fine. Just drill accurately and smoothly. You don't want to make the hole any larger than 1/2". If you have a 31/64" bit, use it.

The insert can be driven home with 10mm hex drive tool. Dig around your Allen wrench stash and chances are you already have one.

And here's the good news. The inserts are free. If you're purchasing a Glide intended for a softwood bench, just request the inserts and we'll include them with your vise. You can also use these in hardwood if you'd rather not hassle with tapping. If you've already purchased a Glide intended for softwood, drop us a line and we'll send you some inserts.


  1. Would you mind share where you sourced these. I have used some inserts that seems to be too soft.

  2. Jameel thanks for going the extra step, it is great to deal with people that understand great service and quality.


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