Wednesday, August 12, 2009

See Us In Chicago This Weekend

Another Woodworking in America conference is about to happen. Last year we helped out in a friend's booth (Brese Plane). This time around we have our own booth, and we're pretty excited about it.

If you're in the vicinity, please stop by the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles where the conference is being held. There is no charge to get into the marketplace where the vendors will be exhibiting. You can test drive our vises on two separate benches outfitted with 5 vises.

We're also introducing our latest product at the show. This tool is so new that it's not even on our website yet. The only place to get one is at WIA this weekend, and we're anticipating selling out the first day. This is a very handy tool that is completely affordable for any woodworker.

And for those who are looking to spend a little more, we're selling our latest bench, completely outfitted with both our Glide Leg Vise, our Wagon Vise and accessories from Gramercy Tool and Veritas. It's a massive Roubo-style bench that weighs nearly 300 pounds. For $3195 it would be the last bench you'd ever need.

We'll also have an assortment of Mag-Bloks, including some in exotic woods like cocobolo, available for purchase at the show. Mag-Bloks are an excellent choice for storing your fine chisels and other edge tools.

Fine Japanese Cutlery on a Mag-Blok

They are also the best storage and display option for fine cutlery. See our Mag-Bloks above at the incredible Knifewear cutlery shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Bad Axe Toolworks.

About a year ago after we began producing our vise hardware I began corresponding with Mark Harrell of Technoprimitives. Mark specializes in restoring vintage handsaws.

But recently Mark has begun producing saws from scratch. I like to demo different operations with our vises, including sawing. I also wanted a chance to try out some of Mark's new saws. So in the interest of having nice tools to demo our vises with (and for my own selfish reasons) I asked Mark to build some saws for me a couple months ago. I'm bringing two of these saws to WIA to use at our booth. I'll also be selling these two saws at the end of the show for a discounted price. The first saw is a 16" 12ppi crosscut saw with the hot-blued steel back. Mark charges $215 for this saw, but I'll be selling mine for $175. The second saw, which is quite striking in appearance due to its polished stainless steel back, is an 18" 10ppi rip saw. Price is normally $235, this one I'm selling for $195. Both saws feature cherry handles that are beautifully made and finished. They fit my largish hands sweetly. But the one thing that stands out on Mark's saws is the detail. The etch is simply incredible. It's crisp, detailed and shows a real sense for design. It's just plain fun to look at. The back of the saw is also stamped with Mark's Bad Axe brand, as is the finely detailed brass medallion. I only have a couple years under my belt with the modern western handsaws, so I can't offer a detailed review. I'll leave that up to other sawing experts. But suffice it to say, these saws are very impressive so far. For more info on these saws, take a look at the Bad Axe Toolworks website.

Mark's saws will also be featured at the Hand Tool Olympics area at WIA. For more info on this, see Mike Siemsen's blog.

See you this weekend!

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