Friday, May 14, 2010

The Inner Sanctum!

We recently returned from the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Atlanta. The event was held at Peach State Lumber, a place we cannot say enough about (more on them and the Hand Tool Event in a future blog post).

The usual subjects were in attendance but one of the highlights of our trip was a short visit to Czeck Edge Hand Tool. Bob Zajicek was kind enough to show us his workshop which close friends refer to as the Operating Room. Bob is an engineer for Lockheed Martin and it shows. You could eat off the surfaces in his shop. I'm almost certain one of those Looney Tunes automated house cleaning robots comes out every time a shaving hits the floor!

Bob was nice enough to give us a turning demo while we were there. Needless to say, as evidenced by his exemplary offering of tools, Bob knows what he is doing. We were awed by Bob's ability and steady hand at the lathe even with, ahem, one or two carbonated beverages in him.

There is no doubt Bob is a master craftsman who cannot fail to impress, especially in his own environment. Thanks for giving us a peek Bob.

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