Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Split-Top Roubo/Tail Vise--Front Laminate Thickness

Just got a question from a customer about the front laminate width for their Tail Vise install. They want to make it 1-3/4" instead of the 1-1/2" the templates and plans call for. This works fine. The important thing to consider is the placement of the template when laying out the tail vise position on the end cap. The template MUST be placed so the left edge of the slot in the bench lines up with the left edge of the slot in the template. This guarantees the sliding plate assembly will be positioned properly within the slot. Get this wrong and bad things will happen.

-The hole in the sliding plate for the dog hole could end up under your front laminate.

-The vise screw could end up partially in the slot.

-The hole in the sliding plate could end up within the cavity the nut rides in, which also means your front guide rail will be floating under the slot.

All bad things. So take a look at the drawing and see where the critical fixed point is--the left of the slot. So if you make a front laminate more than 1-1/2"  just imagine that it grows wider from a fixed point at the left edge of the slot and you will be fine.

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