Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Roubo in Two Days and WIA 2011

This week I worked solo in the Benchcrafted test shop getting some things ready for WIA in September, where we'll be exhibiting everything Benchcrafted at the year's best woodworking show.

This year we're debuting our new Benchcrafted Moxon vise at the conference. And in order for as many people to try it out as possible, we're building a special bench. But in order to have enough room for it in our booth, I knocked out this small Roubo bench this week (its only 18" x 60"). What you see above was built in only two days, including installing a Benchcrafted Tail Vise. If it weren't for the angled stretchers (the rear of the base is built on a wider footprint for stability) I would have finished the Glide install on the second day. That's the beauty of using 12/4 lumber. You can knock out a massive bench lickety split.This bench will make the journey to Cincinnati so folks can try out our Tail and Glide Leg Vise in real time, on a monolithic bench.

We're also building a massive 40" x 40" sawbuck-style bench to hold four complete Moxon vises, so four woodworkers can have a go with them without bumping shoulders with anybody. Each Moxon vise will be outfitted with a test board and a brand new Bad Axe "Doc Holliday" Dovetail Saw. All four complete Moxon vises will be for sale at a special price, and customers can take them home Saturday evening or Sunday, as will the Dovetail saws from Bad Axe.

If you bring a set of dice, we may set this up as a craps table. But only if someone shows up dressed like Wyatt Earp.


  1. I'm looking forward to trying out your Moxon wheels in a few weeks. Also, I nominate David Charlesworth to dress up like Earp ;-)

  2. I'm curious about the angled stretchers. Do you have any drawings available to show how they work?

  3. The angled rails have tenons at 90 degrees to the legs, so the mortises in the legs are straight. The tenons come off the ends of the rails at 37 degrees. It's easy to cut them by hand, or on the table saw. I used a combination of both.

  4. "If you bring a set of dice, we may set this up as a craps table. But only if someone shows up dressed like Wyatt Earp."

    How do you feel about the addition of a swiveling side-by-side under the bench?

    This could help in moving things along with those who spend too much time on the moxon.


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