Tuesday, November 22, 2011

At Long Last: Updated Tail Vise Instructions

Providing our customers with accurate, easy to follow installation instructions has been extremely important to us. We want you all to get the absolute best performance from our vises.

Over a year ago we made some significant improvements to the Benchcrafted Tail Vise. Making these improvements and adding to our existing instructions (which covered both our original vise and subsequent improvements) they became a bit cobbled. We didn't like them, and neither did a few customers. So this week we've been spending time correcting this shortfall.

We've prepared some 3-d drawings for the new version of our Tail Vise installation instructions. Photographs of the installation procedure are quite useful, but the clarity of a good 3-d drawing (and we hope they are good) can be extremely efficient at transmitting information. The updated plans also include numerous photos (in black and white, which in our opinion is a clearer presentation) to illustrate the process. We've also rewritten a large portion of the text to be more clear and concise. As a result the instructions are not only cleaner in appearance, but also shorter. We trimmed seven pages, but also added some new techniques, as counter intuitive as that sounds!

Hopefully the new version will make the process of installing this vise a better experience.

You can download the new instructions directly from our Downloads page.
(the new file may not be immediately available as we upload it, make sure you refresh your browser)

As always, we're happy to answer technical questions by email, which allows us to be more exact in our responses, and it also means you don't have to remember the details of a phone conversation.  

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