Monday, May 7, 2012

Build a Benchcrafted Roubo Video--Start To Finish

Earlier this year Marc Spagnuolo (a.k.a. The Wood Whisperer) began his latest Guild Build, featuring our Split Top Roubo bench and Benchcrafted vises.

Marc emailed us this morning to let us know that the build is officially complete. Take a look here for some pics and video of Marc's bench. Marc's bench is one of the finest examples we've seen from any of our customers. Fantastic job, Marc!

Marc has provided 24 separate videos showing each step of the process, totaling 630 minutes of professional-quality HD video. It's gorgeous quality, edited beautifully, and super-rich in content. It's pretty entertaining as well. We followed along during the entire build.

But here's where you should sit up in your chair and take notice if you're contemplating building our Split-Top Roubo. You can get access to all the videos for only $99. That is a ridiculous price. Just crazy cheap. And you get access to the rest of the site as well. We've long considered producing our own video showing the construction process, but frankly, after what Marc's done, we would be complete fools to try.

To sign up for the Guild and get instant access to the entire video series, click here.

To watch Marc in action, see his video on drawboring here.


  1. I would very much so like to have the cash to join his guild, but realistically, my career doesnt give me the time to follow along with most of his builds, and build my project to keep up with the pace of the group..... not a healthy excuse, but still, from this end, rather valid. What I would LOVE to see is this build available on a DVD set. I would gladly shell out the hundred bucks to own this build so I could watch it over and over in places where the only net access I have is my iphone, and there are times where that barely gets a signal. And watching movies or reading is a great time killer in my line of work.

    1. Alternatively, you can pay the $99 membership free and download all of the video content that floats your boat. The download feature makes it worth the price of admission.

  2. Is it possible to actually download and save the videos? If so, I could and would gladly swing a three month membership to grab everything that they have and save it for myself on my laptop..... Don't worry, I wouldnt, and simply could not in good conscious pirate stuff from him , aside from his ongoing DDOS struggles, no one wants to have their work tossed about on the internet for free.....Especially not in our little corners of the wood working internet! But if I can do as you mention, I will have to go ahead and pony up this weekend after payday!

  3. exclusively wonderful this beautiful table. vivid congratulations to all of you. -

  4. Fools you are not. Each craftsman has their own take on process; thatin part makes woodworking interesting. I for one, would welcome the Abrahams' take on building a Roubo.

  5. It should be noted that the cheapest membership is actually $149 for six months, not $99 (that's for a renewal). If you have a link for a $99 deal, please let us know.

  6. With the 10% discount code (use "Benchcrafted") it will be $135. That's still an amazing deal.


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