Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moxon Vise As A Twin Screw

We get lots of emails asking about using the Benchcrafted Moxon Vise hardware as a twin screw face vise.

We've addressed this idea in the past. Follow the link to read that post.

But English cabinetmaker David Barron has every reason to mount one of our Moxon's as a twin screw face vise. You see, David doesn't need to raise up his Moxon vise for comfortable sawing because David sits down when he saws dovetails.

And this is the beauty of David's Moxon install. He gets the best of both world's: a Moxon vise for sawing dovetails, and the speed of the Benchcrafted Moxon as a twin screw vise.

Now, this setup isn't for everyone. I was skeptical at first since I cut all my dovetails standing up, using a western backsaw. I've tried sitting, and it just doesn't work for me. But when you consider that David uses a dozuki saw to cut his dovetails it makes sense.  Lots of Japanese woodwork is executed from a sitting position.

So I'm updating our opinion on mounting a Benchcrafted Moxon as a twin screw face vise. If you sit down as David does, it works.

Oh, if you're looking to get a Moxon, you should order now. For some reason there has been a run on these the past week and we are currently backordered. Lead time is about 1-2 weeks right now.

To read more about David's install, visit his blog.


  1. Thanks for the post Jameel. Just to add to the discussion on bench height, I find it more comfortable to work at a higher bench than normal, for all tasks including hand planing. My new Moxon bench is 38" tall. All the best, David.

  2. Jameel, my view coincides with Mr. Barron's. As a novice powertool woodworker many years ago I built my first bench, and its height would be considered obscene by many standards. I found out that I very much liked it that way however, as it saves my back. The only task that is outsourced to a lower surface now is heavy planing, as its hell on the elbows otherwise. Your Moxon hardware as a twin screw vise was a perfect addition to my 40" high bench, and has performed flawlessly for dovetailing, edgejointing, securing a bench hook, and numerous other sawing and shaping chores. While I am mindful of the moxon's limitations for heavy work, I dont have much call for that anyway. Everyone's situation is different, and for me this works.

  3. Jameel

    This is precisely why I ordered a second Moxon kit - the mechanism is smooth as silk and shouldn't be limited to traditional applications. It is going on my power tool bench along with a wagon wheel setup.


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